Established in 1989, has a relevant experience in the branch of refrigeration, distribution and treatment of water for human consumption, in particular water coolers.

Such equipment enhances water refining it and making it pleasant to the palate, smooth, fresh and sparkling.

The following are part of the Italbedis Group:

Production plants (in addition to ITALBEDIS Srl):

WATER CARE FILTERS Srl of Migliarino (Ferrara). Plant for the production of filters capable of refining the water, reducing or eliminating any pollutants or unwanted substances contained in it. 

Società commerciali:

Adriatica Acque s.r.l. based in Emilia Romagna
Capital Acque s.r.l. based in Lombardia
Happy Water s.r.l. based in Abruzzo

The company, located in the province of Verona, in addition to being the manufacturer of both the equipment and the various filtration systems, also boasts a service network throughout the country.

Why filtering drinkable water?

The drinking water from our taps comes from various sources and is collected, controlled and guaranteed by the relevant authorities. It is a water naturally rich in beneficial substances and mineral salts; however, in its path it can be contaminated by harmful substances due to groundwater pollution, releases from the network pipes or the same chlorine that distribution companies must add for maximum guarantee of potability. The REFINER microfiltration system allows to obtain refined and bacteriologically pure water, without ionizers and mineralizers. 

What are the advantages of filtration?

Besides guaranteeing quality and wellbeing, filtered water allow:

• Elimination of waste;
• Optimization of space in the cupboard or fridge;
• Reduction in spending on costly bottled water;
• Elimination of plastic bottles, thus helping to reduce pollution caused by their disposal

Dispenser Range

Water dispensers connected to the water network that instantly supply cold, sparkling and still water. Combined with the most appropriate filtration system, they guarantee better water quality and savings for each use: home, offices, professional (Ho.Re.Ca.) and others. 

Filters Range

The filters of each range have been designed to meet the specific needs of many uses: from the well-known and widespread REFINER®, filter refiner for “drinking water”, to the more technical products intended for selective treatments (control or removal of hardness, arsenic, nitrates and more). 

Reverse Osmosis Range

Reverse osmosis systems reduce dissolved mineral salts and refine the water, removing any contaminants present (nitrates, arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals and others). They are therefore the ideal solution in many applications, to ensure water quality and / or preserve work equipment in the Ho.Re.Ca. and industrial.