The water houses are automatic distributors of acqueduct water: a service for the community and for the environment. A small daily gesture in the direction of sustainability

The “House of Water” is a tool to bring citizens closer to drinking water from our aqueduct: GOOD, SAFE and CONTROLLED by over 1,000 analyzes a day. 

A modern choice that comes from popular folklore. Throughout history, the public fountain has accompanied the evolution not only of architecture but also of culture, history and technology. Over the years, it has represented the central and qualifying point of the cities but at the same time has performed an eminently practical function. With the modern era and industrialization, the relationship between communities and fountains tends to change, their meaning and use is downsized also thanks to the spread of aqueduct networks. 

The CASA DELL’ACQUA project wants to give them new life. The ancient village fountains are, in fact, transformed by ITALBEDIS into technologically advanced structures whose heart is made up of systems capable of delivering microfiltered water in three options: refrigerated still, refrigerated sparkling and ambient temperature. 

State-of-the-art equipment to bring the community closer to a safe and conscious use of public drinking water. 

Use tap water, close with plastic.